6 thoughts on “Tylwyth Teg Huntress Wristband Lvl 43-47”

  1. Tylwyth Teg Huntress mobs only, they are near north wall snowdonia west of the Cyclops. Tylwyth Rovers are near and drop an Arrow XP item also

  2. Loc: Snowdonia 44k 5k
    It is random if a Tylwyth Teg Huntress, a Tylwyth Teg Rover or a Tylwyth Teg Ranger respawns after you have killed one of those.
    Seems like only Tylwyth Teg Huntress’ is dropping the ‘Tylwyth Teg Huntress Wristband’.

  3. I agree with Freedomcall: This collection quest is crap. I wasted more than one f*cking hour to collect only 7 wristbands, not even 10.
    In the same time frame I collected 43 unused arrowheads and 12 Tinderboxes, just to compare the relation…

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