13 thoughts on “Streaming Wisp Husk Lvl 24-33”

  1. Well there is only 3-4 streaming wisps in Connacht. i haven’t found any in lough derg. There is like 3 in front of DL. Generally speaking this Quest is either broken or poor desigened. As of now July 17th 2018: IT IS NOT WORTH THE TIME.

  2. The Streaming Wisps in FZ also drop the husk, so I don’t believe it’s zone specific. There are 2 that spawn on the hill east of ants.

  3. There are spawns for streaming wisps around the slopes of the hill Muire Tomb is on. They’re really spread out, so expect to do a lot of running.

    It would definitely be helpful if there were more spawns for them.

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