4 thoughts on “Spirit Stone Lvl 43-47”

  1. Drops off Hagbui Spiritmasters at the Hagbui Settlement in Vanern Swamp (SW corner of map). Same camp drops Runemaster Sealed Pages and Jeweled Shaman Totem. Lyna is in the forge building SW of the bindstone.

  2. I’ve tried killing some hagbuis and this is my result.

    Jeweled Shaman Totem(40-43) dropped by Hagbui Shaman(orange to 39)
    Runemaster Sealed Page(42-47) dropped by Hagbui Guard(mostly orange to 39) & Hagbui Runemaster(orange to 39)
    Spirit Stone(43-47) dropped by Hagbui Spiritmaster(orange to 39)

    I couldn’t get any xp loots from other Hagbuis.
    These are all undead types.

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