• BG leader commands
    A command for endgame PvE-Raids
/bg loot chest enable (Enables chest)
/bg loot chest spawn (Displays the chest for players to look into it.)
/bg loot chest list (Lists all items in the chest.)
/bg loot chest withdraw (Takes out all the money in the chest.)
/bg loot chest distribute (Distributes all gold evenly to all players in the BG.)
/bg loot chest grant (Grants permission to the selected player to withdraw one item from the chest.)


Usage restrictions apply and violations can lead to a ban.

Generally, if you are doing end game PvE raids with an actual raid you’re allowed to use the chest.


  • /challenge

    Toggles challenge mode. Group leader command. Challenge mode makes monsters a bit more difficult for a better reward.
    Only works on level 10+ mobs and they have to be at least one level higher than the highest player in group. Does nothing for already engaged monsters.Mob changes when enabled:

– Significant damage increase, flat increase + increase per group member
– Increased movement speed
– Det 9 (50% cast cc reduction)
– Gains CC immunity timer
– Bladeturn penetration chance
– Critical chance per group member
– Defense penetration


    • Higher drop chance, based on group size
    • Base XP Penalty per group member reduced from 8% to 7%
    • Base XP Cap is increased by 5% per group member


  • /craftqueue:

    A command to automatically repeat the next recipe.
    /craftqueue <times>
    /craftqueue <quality>%
    /craftqueue buy (upto) <n>
    The <quality>% variant will repeat the next started recipe until the result has the desired quality (or you no longer have enough materials).
    The <times> variant will repeat the next started recipe until it succeeded <times> times (or you no longer have enough materials).
    The buy sub command will buy enough materials of the selected merchant for <n> attempts of the last started recipe, this includes recipes that failed to start due to not being near a forge or not having enough materials. If the optional upto is specified it will only buy the missing materials (e.g. you have 50 bars and 0 leather squares, the recipe wants 10 bars and 10 leather squares, you want to buy for 10 attempts -> it’ll buy 50 bars and 100 leather squares).
    Note that the command does not care about inventory space and will happily drop the results on the ground and continue.
    Almost every recent mmo has a craft queue and almost everyone has a keyboard / mouse with macro abilities that support a time based delay and we want to enforce our “no 3rd party tools” rule yet not waste all our time on this particular case where people simply would macro it otherwise.


  • /moveitem:

    A command to quickly move items./moveitem <source slot> <target slot>
    /moveitem totarget (<amount>) <item name>
    /moveitem totarget #bag1|#bag2|#bag3|#bag4|#bag5
    /moveitem fromtarget (<amount>) <item name>
    /moveitem sell (<amount>) <item name>
    /moveitem sell #bag1|#bag2|#bag3|#bag4|#bag5
    The #bag placeholder means all items in the given bag, this is especially useful with the sell subcommand. For the totarget subcommand, if the target is another player in your realm the items will be put into the trade window, if it is a chest or vault it will be put in there. The command will try to stack items before using an empty slot.
    If the first variant is used, only source and target slot, it works like the old /switch command. If the target slot is an active weapon slot, that weapon will be switched to. Example uses: Simple switching between shield and offhand weapon for BM and Mercenary or Hero 2h damage type switching. A list of slots will be provided, we’re unsure if we’ll use the internal DOL slots (40 = bag 1 slot 1, 11 = offhand) or if we’ll provide user friendly alternatives.


  • /random:

    /random record 1000 – to record /random 1000
    /random stop – to stop recording
    /random list – to show all recorded rolls


  • /train:

/train command allows you to train your character without the need to see your trainer.  Respecs still require visit by player.


  • /serverinfo:

Provides a list of players in each realm, and the classes they are playing.  Also provides intel on whether these enemies are in the frontier zones or not.

  • /switch:
    Allows player to configure weapon swaps between their character and their inventory.


  • /salvagebag
    (Multiple commands to automate salvaging)


  • /setprice
    Allows you to set prices at consignmentmerchant