Rotting Hog Tail LvL 4-6

Gronyr Gloyw, in Prydwen Keep, is offering a bounty for killing zombie boars and sows. Bring their tails to him as proof of your deeds.
Minimum Level: 4 Maximum Level: 6

4 thoughts on “Rotting Hog Tail LvL 4-6”

  1. Rotting Hog Tails are dropped by zombie sow/boars at the Gronyr Farm. At level 5 I believe 11 Tails turned into about 1.1 bubs.

  2. Zombie Sow and Zombie Hog at Gronyr’s Farm in Camelot Hills. These mobs share spawn with the boar piglets so kill some boar piglets for more zombie pigs to spawn.

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