15 thoughts on “Boulder Imp Head Lvl 8-11”

    1. I killed the ones near Prydwen Bridge and got boulderling remains. I was thinking Crew Pew sure was a long way from them but went to Ludlow only to find out he doesn’t want them. He wants heads which he says “is on hill behind them.” I didn’t see any and instead of wasting more time moved on with my life.

    2. No, that is Boulderling. This says Boulder Imp. These are in Black Mountains South west of Ludlow just off the road mixed in on the hills with rock imps

    3. These do not give the heads. The boulderings that do are at 37k 40k Black Mtns South. Hill between North Camelot Entrance and Ludlow.

  1. So the boulderlings in Camelot Hills do not seems to drop these. I have leveled 3 dudes through here and not gotten a single head.

    Perhaps the imps in Black Mountains South?

  2. The Boulderlings up the hill near Ludlow will also drop Boulder Imp Heads. The Boulder Imps and Boulderlings are located on the hill directly beside Ludlow towards the bridge and crossroads in the middle of the map. Northwest from the town of Ludlow.

  3. The boulderlings can be found on the mountain between Ludlow and Humberton, the ones at Camelot Hills don’t seem to drop at all.

  4. Those are Boulderlings not Boulderling Imps just south of Pryd bridge to the east.

    Killed dozens never had a Imp Head drop..

  5. Weirdly the Boulderlings next to Boulder Imps DO drop Imp Heads. Much better to farm since they’re an actual camp and slightly higher level.

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