Relic System:

Only the “home-relics” will be stored in the relic keeps. Any relic that your realm captures from an enemy realm has to be put down in a regular keep in your realm which your realm owns. The keep doesn’t need to be claimed, but we strongly advice you to do so.

You can not put the relic in one of the following keeps: Dun Crimthainn, Nottmoor Faste and Caer Erasleigh. It is only possible to put down one relic per keep. If one realm has all six relics, then you need 4 regular keeps to store the 4 enemy relics. As soon as a relic has been put down in a keep, you will see this when using /relic.

Relic Bonus & Charging:

Relics will be charging up their bonuses over 10 days. Picking up a relic will reset the bonus, so even if your relic attack fails but you manage to pick it up you will have damaged your enemy / reset their bonus. When fully charged (after 10 days), relics will have the following bonuses: 5% Melee Dmg Bonus or 5% Cast Dmg Bonus / 5% Heal Bonus, 10% Craftspeed Bonus and 10% Feather Drop Bonus.

Keep Upgrades & Caravans:

If you claim a keep it will upgrade automatically and it doesn’t cost any guild bounty points. It will only upgrade to Level 4, after that it needs caravans to reach the keep and to deliver supply goods to the Outpost. Each caravan has 2 guards to protect it. Caravans are neutral to enemy players. IF you kill a caravan you will get some bounty points, XP and coins and you will stop the keep from further Upgrading. Caravans also drop Phoenix Claws. Those can be used to buy timed buffs for XP, Rps and also Stealth Lore Potions. If the keep already has reached the max Level it will start downgrading if multiple caravans didn’t reach it and killing caravans will also damage keep gates for an amount.

Caravans start either from the homeland border keeps or from the teleporterkeeps if an enemy realm has claimed keeps. Example for Hibernia: Caravans for Hibkeeps start from Druim Ligen and Druim Cain. If Midgard has keeps claimed in Hibernia, then caravans for those keeps start from the MTK, if Albion has claimed keeps in Hibernia, caravans start from the ATK.