We removed the classic „whisper“-tasks and therefor put in realmwide and personal PvE tasks. Those tasks count which and where you killed the different types of mobs. You will get them and also complete them automatically. Your reward will be XP and coins. After one task is finished, you will automatically start a new one where you have to kill some more mobs than the task before. Mobs only grant credit to a task if they have the following con to you or to the highest player in a group:

Level 1 to 19 = blue
from Level 20 to 50 = yellow

Level 1 to 19 = yellow
from Level 20 to 50 = orange

**Group of 3 to 5**:
Level 1- 50 = orange

**Group of 6 to 8**
Level 1 to 19 = orange
from Level 20 to 50 = red

Realmwide tasks are tasks, where every kill of a mob grants credit to the task. After a realmwide tasks is completed the realm will have a 5% bonus XP for 24h on that mob type. In addition it will give a permanent, infinite 1% bonus on that mob type every time it is finished. Personal PvE tasks reset daily, while realmwide tasks dont. Personal tasks count every mob that you helped killing.

Realmwide PVE Tasks & Personal PVE Tasks

There are commands to see the tasks. „/task realm“ shows all realmwide tasks and „/task personal“ shows your personal tasks. If you just type „/task“ you only the active tasks that you are currently working on. One mob may count for multiple tasks. For example if you kill one plated fiend in DF it will grant credit for three different tasks.