What are Phoenix Feathers?
Phoenix Feathers is custom loot that we have implemented in addition to normal drops. Consider these Feathers to be a form of currency that cannot be traded to other players. You are able to place these into your account vault and move it to another character that you own.

What can I buy with Phoenix Feathers?
You can purchase all kinds if items such as:
– Respec Stones
– Tinctures
– Weapon Enamels
– High level boss items, including the realm dragon or epic dungeon bosses
– Special Crafting Ingredients.

Where do I get these feathers?
Feathers can be found inside Epic Dungeons (Galladoria, Tuscaren Glacier & Caer Sidi), Epic Zones (Sheeroe Hills, Dartmoor & Malmohus), all RvR Zones (open World and Dungeons) and in SI Dungeons (Tur Suil, Fomoria, Krondon, Avalon City, Trollheim and Iarnvidur’s Lair)

Which mobs drop feathers?
Most high level mobs will drop feathers such as:
– Dragons
– Bosses in Epic Zones / Dungeons
– Even trash mobs level 60+ leading up the the bosses will drop a small fixed amount.

How many feathers drop per mob?
Each mob has its own “Fixed” amount of feathers plus a pool of feathers that will drop based on the group size. Larger the group, less feathers. Additionally, we have also added a “camp bonus” as well. The longer the mob has been alive, the more feathers it will drop.

So as long as I have enough feathers, I can buy any of the above items?
Yes, but remember you must have at least killed the Boss at least once on your account to get credit. If you have never killed the Dragon, you wont be able to buy the item until one of your characters on the same account has received credit for the kill. So this is not tied to a specific character – but your account.

Do we have to worry about ninja looters?
No. The feathers are being automatically split evenly across all players and will go directly into your inventory. Just like coin.