Healing and Rezing
You will earn an extra amount of RPs for Healing and Rezing your realm mates in RvR

Concentration Buff Range
We will be limiting Concentration buffs to 5000 units.

RvR Tasks

Realm RvR Task

There are two different kind of Realm RvR Tasks at the moment. Attack Keep „X“ and Fight in Zone „X“. Once a task is completed you will get a reward (if you took part) and it will instantly start a new task. Both, Keep and Zone, are randomly choosen.

  • Attack Keep X:

    Every Keep in OF has the possibility to become a target. All members of the realm that owns the keep are defenders, all members of the other two realms are the attackers. There are two different ways of completing the task. One is to succesfully attack and raid the keep, the other is to succesfully defend the keep.

  • Attack Completion

    This is quite simple. The attackers kill the lord, the keep ownership changes from one realm to another.

  • Defend Completion

    Besides hitting the gates or a guard, every kill in the area of a keep counts as an attack on the keep. If there are no kills and no attacks on the gate/the guards for 5-10 minutes in a row, the attack has failed and the defenders win.



You have to differentiate between the reward for the RvR Task and the general reward for a keep siege (RP Pool Reward), that you will get after every keep fight.

  • RvR Task Reward

    Completing a RvR Task gives you rps, bps and gold. Everyone that is in the area of the keep gets 10 rps per minute as long as this keep is the target of a task. The RvR Task gives 5k rps as reward depending on your RR and if you are level 50 (players below 50 get less). All players that took part in the task (attackers and defenders) will get this reward. It doesnt matter if your realm did win this task or not. If you are RR 1 to 3, you will always get the whole 5k per task. If you are RR 4 or higher, you will get less. The formula is = [3 divided by your RR * 5000]. RR 1-3 = 5k, RR 4 = 3.75k, RR 5 = 3k and so on. In addition to this you may get a bonus because of the underpopulation bonus. Check /underpop command.

  • RP Pool Reward

    The second reward you will get is the reward for taking part in a keep fight. Every kill during a keep fight is collected in a pool. At the end of the keep fight, the pool is distributed between all players that took part. The winners will get 75% of it, the losers 25%. In this case only the realm that owns the keep is the winner realm.
    Example: Fight between Hibs (75 players) and Mids (50 players). Rp pool of 100k. Hibs win.
    Winner gets 75k rps of the pool / 75 players = 1k additional rps for every Hib.
    Loser gets 25k rps of the pool / 50 players = 500 additional rps for every Mid.

  • Fight in Zone X

    At the moment there are only three possible Zones (HW, Emain and OG), we may add more zones at a later point.
    Every player-kill in that zone will be added until the goal of 5000 points is reached. Every player is worth those points, depending on the level of the killed player. It is basically one point per level, so a lvl 50 player will add 50 points. This 5000 points are just a counter towards reaching the goal and finishing the task.
    Every RvR-activity in a task-zone gives you „participation“-points. You get them for killing, healing, making damage, dying (not kidding), rezzing people. Those activities give a different amount of „participation“-points. Killing for example gives you more points than healing.
    Besides that, a percentage of all rps that are made in this zone while being a task-zone, will be added to the rp pool. When the goal is reached, the rp pool will be divided between all that took part and that are online when completing the task. The more „participation“-points you made, the higher your reward will be. If you are grouped all „participation“-points of players in your group will be added and divided by the number of players in the group.
    Example: Uthred got 2000 „participation“-points, Galahad only 200. Rp pool is 100k rps. The total of all „participation“-points is 200k.
    Uthred: 100000 (rp pool) / 200000 (total „participation“-points) * 2000 „participation“-points = 1000 rps reward for the task
    Galahad: 100000 (rp pool) / 200000 (total „participation“-points) * 200 „participation“-points = 100 rps reward for the task
    You have to be active to get rps. The more, the better. Just standing afk in that zone will not give any rps.

  • Daily Feather Bonus

    Every succesful keepraid gives you 10 feathers per keeplevel. Every day you can also get additional 500 feathers for raiding or defending keeps. Depending on the Rp pool of a keep fight and if your realm is the winner or the loser, you will get feathers as reward. The longer a keep fight, the higher the Rp pool will be. So it may be possible that you will get the daily feathers bonus with only one or two keeps.


Personal RvR Tasks

– Kill enemy players = Kill any players from enemy realms. Greys dont count into this. You can do this task solo or in group.
– Kill enemy players alone = Kill any players from enemy realms when you are solo. Greys dont count into this. An enemy player kill only counts for this task, if no one else but you damaged the player and if you didnt get any help from a friendly healer.
– Kill keep guards = Kill guards from enemy realms. You can do this task solo or in group.