Miscellaneous RvR Changes

Healing and Rezing
You will earn an extra amount of RPs for Healing and Rezing your realm mates in RvR

Concentration Buff Range
We will be limiting Concentration buffs to 5000 units.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous RvR Changes”

  1. Ok so i am new to DAOC and I want to RvR cause I play a healer class and should be able to participate even if I am lower level, so the Realm Task says go to Hadrian’s Wall, I have no Idea where that’s at. I look on maps and don’t see it anywhere. I ask around in advice channel and I get “Snowdonia North”. So i go to snowdonia and go north even though Penny Mountain’s are north, which i don’t even see on my map. then i get “you have to go there to see the Map of it”. WHAT??? That’s like saying there is a facet in the dessert somewhere but i can’t tell where till you find it, but it’s north of here, good luck. Please update the maps to be correct cause even the war maps don’t make sense. Maybe even have the area blink red with a small timer saying how much longer it’s going to last. This looks like a really cool game but difficult to understand. Find someone that has never played the game into your offices and see if he/she can figure out how to RvR with the information that players have available to them and see how fast/slow they catch on to how the game works.

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