• Resting

– Progressive regeneration while sitting out of combat; the longer you sit, the more you regenerate per tick. This applies to health, endurance and mana.
– Disabled the regeneration penalty to character’s mana when below 50%.
– Personal potion buffs for haste, health and power regeneration all co-exist with group buffs.  The highest value effect will be active at any given time.
– Added campfires, which are exclusively useful for PvE activities.  They drop in frontier zones, and are usable everywhere.


  • Abilities
    – Shield size now factors into chance to block ranged projectiles.  Larger shields will block more effectively.
    – Songs no longer cost endurance.
    – Instant spells no longer cost endurance.
    – Point Blank Area of Effect (PBAOE) spells require line-of-sight to affect enemy targets.
    – Parry chance reduced by multiple attackers.
    – Assassin envenoms only work with assassin’s weaponry.
    – All offensive actions, with exception of Amnesia, instantly drop speed.
    – Bladeturn now has a three-second immunity.


  • RvR Mechanics
    – Doors no longer repair automatically.
    – Doors receive the same amount of damage from a ram, no matter the keep level.
    – Caravans now wander the frontiers.  They make trips from border keeps to their respectively owned keeps.  They provide supplies to the keep, which helps upgrade the keep, and repair the doors.  Conversely, killing these caravans will hurt the keep door, and eventually cause the keep to downgrade.
    – Server-wide tasks exist which reward involved players with experience and realmpoints.  The reward structure is tiered–the more involvement, the more reward.
    – Smaller groups earn more realmpoints from killing enemy players.
    – Underpopulated realms receive a bonus to realmpoint-earning activities.
    – Healing non-grouped allies yields realmpoints for the player.
    – Dead players earn the full amount of the realmpoints they would have received were they alive.


  • Combat Log
    – Report resist chance of your spells.
    – Report critical strike chance of your attacks.
    – Report miss chance of your attacks.
    – Report block and parry chance.
    – Reports reduction value of resists in enemy’s attacks.


  • Teleporters
    Added teleporters across the realms to minimize travel time to specific destinations.  Horses will still be relevant, but not the exclusive means of transportation.  Teleporters cover the following routes:
    – Teleport to frontier and battleground portal keeps — portal ceremony is no longer necessary
    – Teleport to border keeps of the player’s realm
    – Teleport to housing and capital city
    – Teleport nearby dragon zones
    – Teleport to respective southern zone (Shannon Estuary, Avalon Swamp, Gotar depending on realm)
    – Teleport to Shrouded Isles


  • Guilds

– Forming a guild will cost 50 gold and you will only need four players.


  • Respecs

– Unlimited free realm, single and full respecs for the first 24 hours /played on any given level
– no level or realm rank restrictions apply, just the /played time on the current character level
Example 1: You are level 24, typing in /played and see, that you are level 24 since 19 hours. You will have another 5 hours of in-game time before the free respecs will be gone.
Example 2: Following example 1, you do have a total of 30 hours of /played on level 24 and no longer get free respecs. You just leveled to 25. Once again you do have full 24 hours you can spent on level 25 with an unlimited amount of free respecs.


  • Potion Charges and Timers

– Potion charges are set to 10, 30 and 100
– The duration of the potions is set to 10 minutes.
– The maximum endurance potion is Tier 3.


  • Dye

– There is only one type of armor dye, without the separation between cloth, leather and enamel.
– ‘New colors’ are craftable only
– A cloak model remover has been added, which removes the dye and sets the cloaks model to a plain cloak.
– Weapon dyes are craftable only.


  • Phoenix Eggs

– Phoenix Eggs have a 100% drop rate.
– The drop amount depends on your level and the monsters level (green drops 50%, yellow 100%, orange 125% etc. Yellow will drop the mob level amount of Phoenix Eggs.
– Turn in amount is your level (at level 35 you would have to turn in 35 Phoenix Eggs).
– Each turn in gives a specific XP amount, set per level.
– Unlimited turn ins per level.
– Phoenix Eggs can be turned in at the class trainers.
– Phoenix Eggs are nontradable
– Phoenix Eggs will stack up to amount of 20.000.
– There is a limit of 100 monsters per hour that will drop Phoenix Eggs for a player.


  • ROG (Random Object Generator) Drops Rate Reduction (Level 30+)

– The group size influence is removed from the ROG drop chance starting at Level 30.
– Monsters from level 6 to 50 won’t drop regular items.

  • High Level PvE Mechanic / Feather Monsters

– All high level monsters and named monsters, the would give Phoenix Feathers will have a HP-Pool.
– Attacker count mechanic no longer has any effect.
– Miss, spell resist, taken melee damage and taken spell damage work as if it were a level 50 monster.
– Monsters take normal damage and will set their HP accordingly to the incoming damage.


  • House Port Token System

– All Tokens can be bought in every market and at the entrance.
– Tokens will be used by handing them over to a consignment.


  • Personal PvE Tasks
    Every player gets PvE tasks automatically for various types of monsters. They reward XP and coin on completion, even at level 50; the reward scales with character level.
  • Once completed the same type of task will re-appear again, but requires you to kill more monsters, up to a maximum of 250 kills per task level.
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