5 thoughts on “Key of the Lost Lvl 28-35”

  1. These drop from Townsmen, just into Lyonesse by the wall. They are right next to Sheppards which drop Sack of Grain. These are oj and red to 27.

  2. Shepards, Farmers, and Townsmen all share the same spawn points. They are randomly chosen between the 3. There’s 3-5 spawns around 52k , 27k in Lyonesse if the spawn near the wall/daunters are too camped.

    1. Yeah, but you are not going to get too close to them without being higher level. They are behind a wall of Giant Lizards that con purple/red at lvl 31.

      1. And the other side of the road you will have to get by the clergymen that cone red at lvl 31. All I saw was a single townsman in both locations

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