• Miscellanous:
    – Realm switch timer will be 12 Hours
    – XP/RP on/off will be available
    – There will be ToA Races (Shar, Half Ogre, Frostalf)
    – Pet DoTs will not interupt on every tick.


  • Battlegrounds:
    – Levels  20 to 24 – Thidranki
    – Levels 25 to 29 –  Abermenai
    – Levels 30 to 34 –  Caledonia
    – Battlegrounds have XP Bonus.
    If you die in the battlegrounds and /release, you will be released back to your home Portal Keep.


  • Game Version 1.124
    Features that come with updating to 1.124 include but not limited to:- Better Latency and/or Lag
    – Borderless windowed is natively supported.
    – Mouse movement in the character select screen is not terribly slow
    – Buying from merchants / interacting with npcs can happen more often without the “you must wait to interact again” message.