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  • All Classes
    – There are no base classes (Figher, Mage, Acolyte, etc).
    – All of each classes’ specs are available at level 1.
    – All classes can use their largest shield and all weapons specializations at level 1.
    – Autotrain works like in 1.87.


  • Buffs
    – Self buffs that lasted 20 minutes now last 23 minutes.
    – Realm and Group buffs that lasted 10 minutes now last 20 minutes.
    – All Concentration-based buff effects have their range limited to 5000.


  • Realm Abilities
    – Realm abilities can no longer critically strike
    – All realm abilities that dealt damage have had their type changed to essence damage.
    – Many active realm abilities require character to be level 40.
    – New Frontier realm abilities implemented, with modifications — many classes received Determination, and many active realm abilities were standardized across realms.
    – RR5 abilities removed.
    – All classes have access to, but cannot specialize beyond, Long Wind I and Tireless I.
    – Mystic Crystal Lore and First Aid are reverted to the Old Frontier values.
    – Mastery of the Arcane (Old Frontier ability) restored.  It advance to 30% with 9 ranks.
    – Physical Defense’s maximum mitigation reduced from 30% to 20%.