4 thoughts on “Filidh Ritual Staff 7-10”

  1. Drops from any Filidth in the camp south – south east from Prydwen keep.

    Does NOT drop from the Filidth camp in Salisbury Plains on the border to Camelot Hills.

  2. Filidh and also Devout Filidh drops xp loots.
    Filidh is mostly yellow and Devout Filidh mostly orange at lvl8

  3. i killed about 10 devout filidh/filidh up on the hill along the border of north/south black mountains. I did not receive this KT item.

    also the one area where they do drop from, mobs are limited, and if there is more and 1 or 2 competing for the drop. not worth your time

    if any dev read this consider populating the loot table for all filidh on the servers. TY

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