Fell Creature Teeth Lvl 35-39

Haegen McCleary in Snowdonia Fortress has a bounty on fell creatures in Snowdonia. (giant lizards, large rock bounders, angry bwca, fitful bwca, and great boars)
Bring him their teeth as proof of the deed. Minimum Level: 35 Maximum Level: 39

6 thoughts on “Fell Creature Teeth Lvl 35-39”

  1. These drop from serveral mobs including some in snowdonia frontier like Bcwa not far from the gate. These will also drop from Giant Lizards in Lyonesse, which have another XP item. Recommend the two for one farm there.

  2. Haegen is upstairs on the west side of Snowdonia Fortress. Open one of the small doors on the sides of the fortress and walk up the ramp to reach the upper level.

  3. This quest is a nightmare. Nearest thing I could find was angry bwca and they are purple at 36…

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