Feast of the Decadent (Epic) Scout, Armsman, Friar, Theurgist

Lidman Halsey in Avalon Marsh at¬†Adribard’s Tower needs your help

4 thoughts on “Feast of the Decadent (Epic) Scout, Armsman, Friar, Theurgist”

  1. Did the mob solo with Theurg (wind).

    – pull with low ice pet
    – pet spam wind pets
    – kite him
    – use mcl + mana potion
    – repeat 10x
    – finish

  2. Just duo’d with 2 friars. 1 staff and me Rejuv/Enh.
    He died first try at it but once we used a Tinderbox, my power wasn’t an issue.
    He spams taunt spell…I spam big heal. He was hitting the friar for around 500 each hit.
    But plenty of parries and evades was enough.

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