Feast of the Decadent (Epic) Scout, Armsman, Friar, Theurgist

Lidman Halsey in Avalon Marsh atĀ Adribard’s Tower needs your help

5 thoughts on “Feast of the Decadent (Epic) Scout, Armsman, Friar, Theurgist”

  1. Did the mob solo with Theurg (wind).

    – pull with low ice pet
    – pet spam wind pets
    – kite him
    – use mcl + mana potion
    – repeat 10x
    – finish

  2. Just duo’d with 2 friars. 1 staff and me Rejuv/Enh.
    He died first try at it but once we used a Tinderbox, my power wasn’t an issue.
    He spams taunt spell…I spam big heal. He was hitting the friar for around 500 each hit.
    But plenty of parries and evades was enough.

  3. Did the mob solo with Scout
    (Archery 50 / Shield 42)

    + use 2 Draught
    + pull with Critical Shot
    + 2 more normal shot
    + run, kite him
    + and repeat about 10 times (use draught again)
    + when he’s HP less 10%, kill him rapid shot maintain distance. (or normal shot)
    + finish.

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