The experience gain message has been altered to make it easier to understand. There is a command to disable the output except for the last / total line.




Our goal is that casual players need about 48h played to hit Level 50.


We reworked the XP message to make it easier to understand. It shows very detailed what bonuses you get for killing a mob. All bonuses are based on the „XP Base“. The closer you are to the cap of your base XP, the better your bonus XP will be.

XP Group Bonus: If mobs BAF (bring a friend) you will get 20% per mob extra bonus.

XP Camp Bonus: It is always 20% except in dungeons where the camp bonus is doubled (40%).

XP Frontier Bonus: 30%, when you are in the frontiers, in a battleground or in a RvR-Dungeon.

XP Realm tasks Bonus: it is granted from completed reamlwide PvE tasks (see next section).

XP RvR Score Bonus: The more keeps your realm owns and the more players your realm kills, the better the RvR Score and the higher this bonus will be.

XP Underpopulation Bonus: If you realm is underpopulated compared to the other realms, you will get this bonus.

XP Social Bonus: Every different class in your group is a 5% bonus. Example: 1 druid, 1 bard, 1 hero, 1 ns, 2 bms = 25% extra bonus for 5 different classes in that group.

XP Relic Bonus: If your realm captured enemy relics, you will get a bonus.

To discourage zerg leveling, if a monster is attacked by more than eight players, each player over eight reduces the monster’s level by 1 for the experience reward calculation.

The pet experience penalty has been removed.