The experience gain on Phoenix has been enhanced, including the actual information how your XP is composed.
By default you will see an extended XP-info:

You can dis-/enable the extended view by using the /xpinfo off/on command.
There are more XP bonusses then visible in this screenshot.

Our goal is that casual players need about 48h in-game playtime to hit level 50.


XP Bonuses
All the following XP bonuses will be based on your “XP Base”.

XP Camp Bonus: Up to 20% (or 40% in dungeons). Is getting lower over time, the more often a mob in a spawn is killed.

XP Group Bonus: 20% additional XP per mob that is adding – so called “BAF” (bring a friend)

XP Frontier Bonus: 30% flat bonus for every mob XP gain in the frontiers, battlegrounds and RvR dungeons.

XP Realm Task Bonus: Realm bonus, based on amount of long-term PvE task your realm did complete.

XP RvR Score Bonus: XP bonus for your realms RvR performance (keep takes, player kills). See /rvrscore in-game

XP Underpopulation Bonus: If your realm doesn’t have the numbers compared to the others, your realm will get a bonus. See /u in-game

XP Social Bonus: Every different class in your group adds a 5% XP bonus. Example: 1 cleric, 1 friar, 1 paladin, 3 wizards, 1 cabalist = 25% XP bonus

XP Relic Bonus: If your realm owns relics of the other realms, you’ll get a bonus.

XP Mob Type Bonus: Different mob types (Humanoid, Giants, Insects, …) grant different bonuses – up to 400%. Overiew via /task realm

XP Instance Bonus: 1% XP bonus for every 100% clear of an instance (like Darkspire). This bonus is uncapped, account wide and stacks with other players instance bonus on your group.
Example: You did clear Darkspire 10 times. Another group member did it 5 times. Another one 20 times. All bonuses stacking to 35% XP instance bonus for the whole group.


To discourage zerg leveling, if a monster is attacked by more than eight players, each player over eight reduces the monster’s level by 1 for the experience reward calculation.

The pet experience penalty has been removed.