Experience Rate and Gains

The experience gain message has been altered to make it easier to understand. There is a command to disable the output except for the last / total line.


Each monster has a set experience reward value based on its level. Traditionally, this would be divided by the size of the group, we instead reduce it by 8% per group member to generate a base experience value. This is how it compares:

Single player: on Phoenix, 100% of initial experience. In 1.65, 100%
Group of two: on Phoenix, 84% of initial experience. In 1.65, 50%
Group of three: on Phoenix, 76% of initial experience. In 1.65, 33.3̅%
Group of four: on Phoenix, 68% of initial experience. In 1.65, 25%
Group of five: on Phoenix, 60% of initial experience. In 1.65, 20%
Group of six: on Phoenix, 52% of initial experience. In 1.65, 16.6̅%
Group of seven: on Phoenix, 44% of initial experience. In 1.65, 14.286%
Group of eight: on Phoenix, 36% of initial experience. In 1.65, 12.5%

The base experience value is then compared to the cap experience reward of the highest level player in the group. The percentage of their experience reward cap this value represents is awarded to every player in the group.

For example, a level 50 player is grouped with seven level 1 players. The level 50 player kills a level 50 monster whose set experience reward is 42 million experience. 42,000,000 x 0.36 is 15,120,000 experience which is about 20% of the base experience cap at level 50. All players in the group, regardless of their level, will now receive 20% of their base experience cap reward for the kill.
The experience cap at level 1 is 11, so the level 1’s each receive 2 base experience (2.2 rounded down). The level 50 will receive 15,120,000 base experience.

With the change to group experience, players will hit their experience cap more frequently. Consequentially, we have altered the experience requirement for most levels — it is now based on how many times you need to receive your experience cap to advance. This removes the abrupt increase at 40 and irregular jumps.


To discourage zerg leveling, if a monster is attacked by more than eight players, each player over eight reduces the monster’s level by 1 for the experience reward calculation.

The pet experience penalty has been removed.

Bonuses are based on the base experience value, only this base experience value is capped.

1% per keep owned by your realm. An additional 1% if a guild has claimed the keep.
5% per relic, including your realm’s own relics.
20% camp bonus, doubled in dungeons. This decreases every time a monster is killed in a camp, increases back up to its cap when the camp is unused.
30% frontier bonus, this includes DF and the RVR dungeons.
20% BAF bonus per additional mob on pull.
5% per unique class in a group.

We expect grouped players to hover around 80-120% bonus experience on average.

Our aim is that the bonuses incentivize grouping with other players, incentivize inviting classes generally perceived as being weaker or suboptimal to experience groups, incentivize leveling outside the safety of your realm, and incentivize keep and relic defense. In total, the effective experience rate / time to level is about two to three times faster than 1.65, our expected time to 50 is about 48 hours.

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