Endgame-PvE Content

Endgame-PvE is defined either by requiring a large amount of people to complete or by any high level monster that does drop feathers.
This includes: any epic zone & epic dungeon raid, any RvR dungeon or Darkness Falls raid, any PvE instance (like Darkspire)


Attacker count-mechanic
To give every class the opportunity to actually do something on high level encounters, we’ve disabled the classic attacker count mechanic. Instead of a low to-hit chance with either melee or spells and a low damage of 1 to 10, every named mob or endgame-PvE mobs are now have a large HP pool and takes normal damage from attacks and spells.
The goal was to remove petspam to trivialize various boss mechanics, it also makes caster more useful in endgame PvE content – in general, the more DPS you bring, the faster the boss will fall.


PvE Instances
Currently available instances: Darkspire & Halls of Helgardh

PvE Instances are considered high-end PvE content for 8-man groups and intended to do within 30 to 60 minutes.
They do have various different encounters with partially new abilities that will put the group to test; every mob group is designed to be a small challenge.
Competitive PvE players may also rank in the instance leaderboards to compete about the fastest clearing time. Every mob will drop feathers. A full run will yield up to 10k (first run of the day) and gradually less per run on the same day.
The bosses will also drop up to 9 ROG items.

Fully cleared instance runs are also providing stat bonuses to your character(s):

+ 1 to all stats & stat caps (max 26) – limited to PvE instances
+ 1% to manapool (max 75%) – limited to PvE instances
+ 1% to XP (no cap) – account-wide and stacks with other players’ bonus


Managing Raid Loot / BG Loot Chest
To assist raid leaders managing all the fancy loots his raid gathers, we’ve introduced various commands.
Please remember that usage restrictions apply; violations/abuse might lead to temporary and even permanent suspensions!

BG Loot Chest Rules

  1. You have to communicate your “loot rules” before starting the raid (=before killing the first mob).
  2. You must not change the loot rules on-the-fly.
  3. It is your judgement call to “ban” single players from loot rolls for acting against your strategies / call outs.
  4. Do not enable the loot chest prior to raid start.

The loot chest will automatically collect any item and all gold that is dropped to BG members while enabled.
Items with a single utility value below 60 (except for “named drops” from bosses) will automatically be vendored and added to the BG chest money

BG Loot Chest Commands

  • /bg loot chest enable – activates the loot chest mode (required for the next commands)
  • /bg loot chest spawn – will spawn/despawn the chest (“Chester” NPC); all BG members can look at the gathered items
  • /bg loot chest grant – grant the targeted BG member the permission to remove 1 item from the loot chest
    (BG leader can take without that command)
  • /bg loot chest distribute – will split all gathered BG coin evenly between all members
  • /bg loot chest withdraw – take out all money and give it to the BG leader only


Managing rolls for loot

To assist you even further and eliminate the need for 3rd party software, we’ve added these commands

  • /random record # – replace # with the number you want to record
    Example: /random record 1000 will record all /random 1000 rolls
  • /random stop – will stop recording
  • /random list – will open a window with all recorded rolls, automatically sorted descending (starting with highest)

Only the first /random roll will be recorded, in case a player is rolling multiple times to trick you.
You can open up the /random list as often as you want. It is erased when you start the next /random record or logout.

Also see: https://forum.playphoenix.online/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4129