10 thoughts on “Drakoran Leech Hand Lvl 28-35”

  1. 11k, 41k Avalon Isle ~ Mobs are random spawn, just have to kill drakoran’s to get the leeches to spawn. yellow to a lvl 33

  2. This is a tricky one. For me, the best spot was right outside of avalon city.
    There are four leeches in a straight line on the right of the AC city entrance (if your facing AC)
    If they are not there, you might need to kill some of the grunts to make them spawn.

    1. Agree. Right around the mound around Avalon fortress is all the Leeches you will need. Nice there are good npc for minstrel’s to charm. .

  3. I found these all along the west side of the hill against the outside wall of AC. They repop pretty quick even if you are not killing the marauders. They con yellow/blue to lvl 35. My suggestion is to leave the marauders alone. They con gray at 35 so they wont mess with you. If you kill them they may come back at a higher lvl and create an agro issue. It isnt worth it so just ignore them.

  4. No best spot is NE of Avalon City on the top of the hill right by the wall outside of the city – there are 3 that consistently pop – over and over and over.

  5. They don’t spawn in the first two mentioned locatons anymore.

    Mike is right, they are all around Avalon City walls.

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