11 thoughts on “Broken Arrows Level 13-18”

  1. Also North of Snow Sta on either side of the road on top of the hill just past the Station.
    Conned red to me at lvl 12

    1. They finally turned yellow for me at level 15.

      BTW, they make wonderful Sorc pets. They pull with bow from extreme range, and the other hunter never gets to fire back due to the rupts. So your pet hunter gets 10-15% of the target’s life chipped away by the time the target gets to him. And this seems to help the pet hold aggro better as well.

  2. Forest trackers also exist in nf, NE from CS inside relic gate area.
    but looks like they don’t drop xp loots there.
    killed more than 20 of them but couldn’t get a single one.

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