Albion Quests

MinLevelMax LevelQuest NameStart NPCStart LocationStarting Zone
13Who are the hopefuls Sir Dorian CotswoldCamelot Hills
68Ydenia's CrushYdeniaCotswoldCamelot Hills
1016Curbing the Ogre PresenceCaptain FalronCaer UlfwychCampacorentin Forest
50Lord of Deceit (Epic)Cabalist, Infiltrator, Mercenary, Necromancer, ReaverCaptain RhodriSnowdonia FortressBlack Mtns. North
50Passage to Eternity (Epic)Cleric, PaladinRoben FraomarCornwall StationCornwall
50Symbol of the Broken (Epic) Minstrel, Wizard, SorcererEugene AldarCornwall StationCornwall
50Feast of the Decadent (Epic) Armsman, Scout, Friar, TheurgistLidmann HalseyAdribard's TowerAvalon Marsh
4850Lost Stone of Arawn Part 1-4 Honayt'rtWearyallAvalon Isle
550Master Craftsman – The mysterious MenaceMaster CraftsmanCamelotCamelot
1550Attack of the Master CraftsmanMaster CraftsmanCamelotCamelot
4950Three wishes left 49-50ArietteFort GwyntellDales of Devwy
2550Revenge of the Master Craftsman Master CraftsmanCamelotCamelot
3550A Craftsman's new Hope Master CraftsmanCamelotCamelot
4050The Master Craftsman strikes back Master CraftsmanCamelotCamelot
4550The return of the Master Craftsman Master CraftsmanCamelotCamelot