Three wishes left 49-50

Ariette outside of Fort Gwyntell needs help
Rewards: You can pick 2 items

Coin and XP

Bracer of Health
  Hits: 30 pts
  Energy Resist: 6%
  Heat Resist: 6%
  Slash Resist: 8%
Bracer of the Strong
  Parry: +3 pts
  Strength: 6 pts
  Thrust Resist: 10%
  Matter Resist: 10%
Bracer of the Magical
  Intelligence: 4 pts
  Thrust Resist: 8%
  Spirit Resist: 8%
  Power: 6
Bracer of Shielding
  Shield: +4 pts
  Constitution: 3 pts
  Crush Resist: 8%
  Body Resist: 12
Bracer of the Stealthy
  Quickness: 4 pts
  Body Resist: 8%
  Heat Resist: 10%
  Stealth: +4 pt
Pious Bracer
  Piety: 4 pts
  Slash Resist: 8%
  Cold Resist: 8%
  Power: 6
Roguish Bracer 
  Dexterity: 4 pts
  Dual Wield: 4 pts
  Crush Resist: 8%
  Energy Resist: 10
Charismatic Bracer 
  Instruments: 4 pts
  Charisma: 4 pts
  Cold Resist: 10%
  Spirit Resist: 12


1 thought on “Three wishes left 49-50”

  1. Ariette is outside the walls of Fort Gwyntel just to the South, at 49.9k, 42.4k.

    I received Three Wishes Left (A) at Lvl 49; all mobs are orange or red to 49:
    1) Grandma’s doll form a First Run Assembly NW of Ariette. Found at 45.8k, 41.2k Dales of Devwy.
    2) Precious cup from blood lich’s north of the bridge. Found from first blood lich killed at 18k 12.8k in Devwy.
    3) Wedding dress from drakoran archiators. Found at Drakoran Village N of bridge; I got from first archiator killed at 26k, 21.8k Devwy.
    4) Go back to Ariette outside Ft Gwyntel, hand in items in correct order.
    5) Pick 2 bracers

    Received 2.2bil xp, or about 0.2 of a bubble.

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